Module Owl_countmin_sketch.Make



Type definition
type 'a sketch

The type of Count-Min sketches

Core functions
val init : epsilon:float -> delta:float -> 'a sketch

init epsilon delta initializes a sketch with approximation ratio (1 + epsilon) and failure probability delta.

val incr : 'a sketch -> 'a -> unit

incr s x increments the frequency count of x in sketch s in-place.

val count : 'a sketch -> 'a -> int

count s x returns the estimated frequency of element x in s.

val init_from : 'a sketch -> 'a sketch

init_from s initializes a new empty sketch with the same parameters as s, which can later be merged with s.

val merge : 'a sketch -> 'a sketch -> 'a sketch

merge s1 s2 returns a new sketch whose counts are the sum of those in s1 and s2. Raises INVALID_ARGUMENT if the parameters of s1 and s2 do not match.