Module Owl_exception

Core function
val check : bool -> exn -> unit

check p e raises the exception e if the predicate p is false, otherwise returns unit.

Parameters: * p: predicate to check. * e: exception to raise.

Returns: * unit

val verify : bool -> (unit -> exn) -> unit

verify p f calls the function f which further raises an exception if the predicate p is false, otherwise returns unit.

Parameters: * p: predicate to check. * f: function to raise the exception.

Returns: * unit

val to_string : exn -> string

to_string e converts an exception into a string containing more detailed information for debugging the code.

val pp_exception : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> exn -> unit

pp_exception is the pretty printer for Owl exceptions.

Exception definition

Input arguments of convolution operations are invalid.

exception NOT_IMPLEMENTED of string

Exception of not implemented yet.


Exception of not supported type.

exception FOUND

Exception of found an element.

exception NOT_FOUND

Exception of not found an element.

exception EMPTY_ARRAY

Exception of an empty array

exception TEST_FAIL

Unit Test fails.

exception INVALID_ARGUMENT of string

Input arguments are invalid.

exception INVALID_PROBABILITY of float

Invalid probability value, not within 0,1 range.

exception LINALG_MATRIX_DOT_SHAPE of int * int * int * int

Invalid matrix shapes for matrix dot product.

exception NON_NEGATIVE_INT of int

Fails if the input is negative.

exception NOT_SQUARE of int array

Fails if a matrix is not square.

exception NOT_MATRIX of int array

Fails if the input is not a matrix.

exception DIFFERENT_SHAPE of int array * int array

Fail if two ndarrays have different shape.

exception DIFFERENT_SIZE of int * int

Fail if two ndarrays have different size.


Fail if the shapes of multiple ndarrays are not broadcastable.

exception NOT_CONVERGE

Fail to converge.


Number of iteration exceeds the threshold.

exception SINGULAR

Exception of singular matrix.

exception NOT_SIMPLEX

Exception of not being simplex.


Exception of index out of boundary.


Exception of illegal gist name.