Zoo System

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Manipulate gists

val remove_gist : string -> unit

Remove a local gist of given id.

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val upload_gist : string -> string

Upload a zoo bundle of given path to the gist server and return a gist id.

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val download_gist : ?vid:string -> string -> unit

Download the gist of given id and version; if a version id is not given, the latest version id will be used.

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val list_gist : string -> unit

list_gist "" lists all the local gists; list_gist gist-id lists all the local versions of a gist.

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val update_gist : string array -> unit

Update the zoo gist bundles of an array of gist ids.

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val show_info : string -> unit

Show the gist’s detail information of given gist id.

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Execute gists

val eval : string -> unit

Evaluate an OCaml expression in toplevel.

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val preprocess : string -> string

Preprocess the zoo scripts, inject the necessary directives, functions, and modules.

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val run : string array -> string -> unit

run args script executes the zoo script with the given arguments.

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val run_gist : string -> string array -> unit

run_gist gist-id runs a zoo gist with the given gist-id and parameters.

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Helper functions

val print_info : unit -> unit

Print out help information of owl command line.

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val start_toplevel : unit -> unit

Start the toplevel system tailored for Owl’s zoo system.

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val query_path : string -> string

query_path gist returns the absolute path of a given gist.

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val load_file : ?gist:string -> string -> string

Load a zoo file with the given gist name and file name, the file path is relative to the gist/version folder.

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