Module Owl_zoo_ver

val exist : string -> string -> bool

check_log gid vid checks if version `vid` of a gist `gid` exists in the zoo repository.

val update : string -> string -> unit

update_log gid vid adds version `vid` of a gist `gid` to the record of local zoo repository.

val remove : string -> unit

update_log gid removes all versions of a gist `gid` from local zoo repository.

val get_remote_vid : string -> string

get_remote_vid gets the newest version of a gist of given id on Gist server.

val get_timestamp : string -> float

get_timestamp gets the timestamp of the latest version of a gist.

val parse_gist_string : string -> string * string * float * bool

parse_gist_string accepts a full gist name scheme string and returns a gist id, a version id, a float value indicating the time tolerance for this gist, and a bool flag indicating if `pin` is set to true in the gist name.