Owl is a dedicated system for scientific and engineering computing. It originated from a research project in the Computer Lab at the University of Cambridge back in 2016 and was formally concluded in 2024. The project was led by Liang Wang, with Jianxin, who was working on his PhD at the time. The mission was to advance the frontier of high-performance scientific computing, establishing Owl as the de-facto tool for computation-intensive tasks in OCaml. The history of the project is documented on Wikipedia.


Numerous students, including master’s and PhD candidates in the computer lab, worked on the project. They projected significant results and contributed to numerous academic publications related to the Owl project. These contributions include theses listed on the project page, as well as the following two books:

« OCaml Scientific Computing » « Architecture of Numerical Systems »
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The project has received generous support from various organizations and individuals since its inception. We express our heartfelt gratitude to the Computer Laboratory, OCaml Labs, the OCaml Software Foundation, the University of Cambridge, Ahrefs, and the many kind people who have supported us over the years.